Nate DeWald


Nate, along with longtime friend and business partner Luke Deaver, owns the DeWald, Deaver, L’Heureux Law Firm.  Licensed in Nebraska and Kansas, Nate is an estate planning and corporate attorney who specializes in agriculture, business, and tax issues.  Lately, he has been busy helping family businesses, farms and ranches with a variety of issues:

–        The Federal Estate Tax Exemption is going to be cut in half by the end of 2025 – No one wants to pay 40% of any part of their estate to the government.  With some planning, this can be avoided.

–        Retirement or Semi-Retirement –There has been a shift from an old joke “Farmers are like lawyers. We don’t retire, we just die” to a generation that takes some form of retirement very seriously.  Whether you plan to retire in the next couple years, plan on working until you can’t, or frankly have no idea – it is worth it to discuss all the options on what your business succession looks like.

–        Holding the farm together and providing for non-farming heirs in a fair and equitable manner – This has become a hot topic as of late, and no two families are exactly alike.  This is one of the areas that affect nearly all farms and businesses, and one of the areas where Nate enjoys being the most creative.

–        Family dynamics – Very often, issues within family businesses go above and beyond the traditional expectations of what a lawyer does.  However, Nate’s specialty has become navigating sensitive family dynamics, and he takes pride in the “counselor at law” moniker.

Nate is married to his wife Sarah and has three teenaged children.  He enjoys teaching theological classes at his church.  An educator at heart who loves a good conversation, Nate’s passion is to develop strong relationships with his clients while helping them with good counsel to solve problems.


  • Doane College | B.A. – 2003
  • University of Nebraska | J.D. (Law)​ – 2006


  • Nebraska – 2006
  • Colorado – 2006 (Inactive)
  • Kansas – 2023


  • Agricultural Law
  • Tax
  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Administration (Probate)
  • Business/Corporate Law
  • Real Estate Transactions