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DeWald Deaver L’Heureux is a full service law firm focused on helping responsible individuals, families and businesses achieve their goals.  We do this in an insightful way, taking into account all relevant circumstances and helping the client to define their own goals while providing our legal services in an abnormally expedient manner.  It is extremely important for the client to understand both the vision of what he or she is trying to accomplish, as well as what can be accomplished under the law.zDSC0886

Our philosophy is rooted in the notion that all that is good about this life will be found in the organizational health of the individuals, families, and businesses we serve and that the promotion of that in our clients’ lives is the single, best, and perhaps only enduring service we can provide.  Entities with good organizational health typically have vision, good communication, and high morale.  The byproduct of organizational health is winning.  We want to help our clients win, regardless of their set of circumstances as they walk into our door.

To that end, we wish to take advantage of current trends and innovate within the legal service industry in rural Nebraska and Kansas.  We provide a full suite of services to our clients and it is likely someone within our office can assist you with your legal needs.


The practice of law is not necessarily known for innovation.  In one of those moments of juxtaposed humor and sadness, one of our attorneys was asked what differentiates us from our competition.  The answer? “We use email.”  In our years of practice, we have embraced all the opportunities to utilize the best technology has to offer. Many law firms require traditional forms of payment in the form of cash or paper check.  While we do accept these forms of payment, we don't require them.  We prefer the ease of electronic payment processing - our clients can receive their invoices via email, and pay online with a debit or credit card.  We use only use secure processors to give our clients peace of mind.


It is unfortunately all too common an experience that the client: 1) only learns about the cost of their legal services upon receiving a bill; and 2) has no idea how cost of the legal services relates to the work that has been done.  Our goal is for the client to have a good working idea of what our services will cost after the first initial consult.  We then try to counsel our clients as to our cost during the representation.  Finally, we believe that one of the most important documents we draft for the client’s benefit is our bill.  Each month, our clients get to see a detailed description of the hours we spent on their file.  We understand that we are expensive, but we hope through our transparent billing practices that the client understands the time we put into their file and the value they are receiving as a result.